Coraline (2009) — Animation (8/10)

February 8, 2009 at 9:18 pm (Movies) (, , )


Now here is a special treat, even if I don’t quite know how to recommend this film to your garden variety filmgoer. I will tell you this, I got sucked into this film and chewed up for a bit, and once it was all said and done, I had a good time.

I read that this film was something more to be admired than embraced, and I think they got it right. It’s hard to have an emotional connection with a bratty little girl named Coraline, and all the characters are flawed to one degree or another. Interestingly enough, there isn’t much comic relief in the film, something that The Nightmare Before Christmas definitely possessed. I think Jack Skellington is a terrific protagonist.

Anyway, back to Coraline. I absolutely loved the visual aspect of the film. The world of Coraline is lush and hyper detailed. I simply cannot comprehend the amount of work that went into the development of this film. I’m curious to know for how many years they have been working on this project.

There’s a scene where Coraline goes outside to see the garden planted and maintained by her “Other Father”. The “Other Father” comes in riding a robotic praying mantis, and the music is so odd and wonderful. The display of plants and vegetation is something to be marveled at, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the film again just to look at the world the film created.

The movie is, however, a bit cold. There isn’t much of anything emotional to cling to other than the cute creatures that come and go throughout the film’s duration. I feel like the morals aren’t strong, and plenty of the characters are so wacky that we get lost in the madness rather than sorting things out ourselves. I mean, come on. The ladies next door? The one with the DDD size boobs? Ugh, that was unnecessary and appalling.

There’s some very weird stuff there, but it’s a good film all-in-all. Don’t miss it if you can help it.



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