The Vanishing (1988) — Drama/Thriller (9/10)

February 20, 2009 at 7:46 pm (Movies) (, , )


As you may has noticed, I am not particularly fond of 80s cinema. The look, feel and quality of films I have seen (so far) are often times horrendous (what the heck happened!?). Anyway, right when I’m ready to give up on the decade, a film like this finds its way into my life. The Vanishing is a marvelous film.

The Vanishing takes place in France/Germany during the Tour de France of 1988. A man and his young wife are travelling to a spot to watch their favorite cyclist go by and do their cycling thing, haha. Anyway, they have few marital scuffs and romantic moments, and they fill up with gas at a gas station. The husband is waiting for the wife to come back with coffee, but she never comes back. He begins to search for her, but nobody really seems to know anything.

3. Years. Later.

He’s still posting signs and trying to find her, or, rather, trying to find out what happened to her. You get the gist that he’s steadily going insane with curiosity and madness as to why this all happened.

What’s interesting about this film is that it does a lot of character development on the “bad guy” of the film. You see his character within the first few minutes, and there is no disguising that he’s a sick son-of-a-gun. You get a little insight to his madness, and that just makes this movie go from good to great.

So, some things happen and it’s interesting, to say the least. This movie was remade in 1993 with Sandra Bullock and Keifer Sutherland, but I have heard terrible things about it. Screw that film, watch the original French version. Don’t expect a Hollywood ending, either.



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They Live (1988) — Sci-Fi (5/10)

January 8, 2009 at 10:43 pm (Movies) (, , )


Once again, what the heck is the deal with 80’s cinema? Seriously, it’s all rubbish (or at least most American films from this time). The cinematography is at its worst, the acting is reprehensible and I want people to look normal, ugh!

This movie falls into that trap. The aliens look like they’re from Mars Attacks, and everything is slow-moving and uninteresting. This movie, They Live, has the audacity to pretend that there are major lessons to learn and that humanity is better off for having watched this fim. I completely disagree!

There is what feels like a 10-minute fist fight between two guys that just doesn’t go anywhere. There’s NO point other than just being macho in the 80’s! They beat each other to a bloody pulp until the hero-thing wins by some divine favor. Sunglasses let you see aliens? Cool idea, MAYBE, but this movie is just ridiculous. They get teleported to the alien HQ and then they wreak havor until they’ve one… and don’t forget that the woman that OBVIOUSLY betrayed you will actually be on your side until you think… oh wait. She really wasn’t on your side. DANG!

Seriously, skip over this film. They Live was directed by John Carpenter, and I happen to think his film The Thing is one of the best sci-fi films I have ever seen. Go straight to that one and skip over this average dreck.


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