Obsession (1949) — Crime/Film-Noir (8/10)

March 31, 2011 at 2:57 am (Movies) (, , )

Well, I guess you could say I’m feeling Bourne again.

A few months ago, the Criterion Collection announced a special partnership with Hulu where they will, in time, release all of the films they have the rights to on Hulu. This move will include 800+ films for immediate streaming without commercials (a quick ad plays before the film begins).

That being said, a number of films are being uploaded that are not currently in the collection at this time. I have watched a couple of these films, and the most recent one is a 1949 film-noir called Obsession (directed by Edward Dmytryk, written by Alec Coppel). I certainly enjoyed this film.

Basically, Sally Gray plays one Storm Riordan, a woman having multiple affairs with Bill Kronin (played by Phil Brown). The husband, played by Robert Newton, confronts the two of them, and a tense drama ensues.┬áDon’t worry, I didn’t know any of the actors or the film crew either.

I felt like the clever story really carries the film from beginning to end. Much like a film from this era, it doesn’t waste time getting into the thick of it all. I think, overall, the performances are quite strong, and it is the jealous, obsessed husband that gets the most dynamic situations to act out in the film. Everyone else seems to fit their characters well–there are no surprises here.

No spoilers, but the film didn’t end quite the way I wanted it to. I’m not sure how to comment on it without ruining it, so I will just let it be. I will just say that it dipped a point on my grading scale.



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