Doubt (2008) — Drama (10/10)

February 8, 2009 at 9:08 pm (Movies) (, , )


I am so glad that I randomly decided to go see the film Doubt at 4:10pm on a Wednesday afternoon.

The night before, I saw Milk with Michael, and today I saw Doubt with my roommate Blake. It is really strange of me to say, but I felt tense during Doubt like I felt tense during The Descent, a British human-vampiresque horror film from 2006. Now what possibly could a drama about child molestation in a Catholic school have to do with a vampire horror film? I don’t really have an answer for you, but I felt tense and my fists were clenched for a better part of both films.

Bravo, Meryl Streep, you truly are an evil woman. I’ve met and seen women like the one she potrays in this film, but it still unnerved me. She tells Philip Seymour Hoffman that she will stop at nothing to see him removed from the school. She has no proof of her accusations, only “certainty”.

The movie tells a lot about the human condition, and the themes of manipulation, hate and degradation are rich and developed here. The ending pulls all of the different themes together quite nicely.

Some people said that they felt this film would go through “the occation narrative lull”, and I can see what they’re saying, but I must say that if you distrust and are aware the evil human condition as I have come to be, then this film will probably fascinate you.

Forgiveness, man. It doesn’t come for everybody. Oh! I watched this documentary about a year ago called Deliver Us From Evil, about a Catholic priest who molested hundreds of children over a period of a few decades. Watching that prior to seeing Doubt perhaps is an interesting setup for this film. Seeing the former will make you angry. I’m off subject, but I recommend this film highly. I love deception, evil and the human condition. I like to see how far people are willing to go to ruin everything around them. Tremendous acting, a terrific script and great directing all make this a top notch film.



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